RAF aims to provide radiological diagnostic services to the economically deprived and underprivileged people living in poverty, so that they can be blessed
with the opportunity of having proper and timely diagnosis.

RAF is a non-profit, non-government, non-political, non-religious organization working to uplift the already existing radiology department of JPMC.

Radiology is one of the busiest departments of JPMC that caters people from all over the country.

In the late 90’s the Radiology Department of JPMC consisted of only one outdated ultrasound machine, a non-functional fluoroscope, few x-ray machines
and a single slice CT-Scanner. The department was obviously unable to cope with the patient influx visiting this center.

To start any facility there are four major components, a place/room, placement of equipment, staff to operate and regular supply of consumables like films,
contrast, stationery, biopsy needles etc. At radiology department, JPMC every section had deficiency that could not be replenished due to budgetary
constraints. Here it is important to note that N.H.S., U.K. has a health budget of 100 billion pounds for a population of around 80 million while appointments
for MRI extend beyond 12 months and ultrasound up to four months. Whereas Pakistan’s health budget is less than 1.0 billion pounds for a population that
is more than 170 million therefore it is not possible to meet its health requirements on the average without public private partnership.

Therefore with the available limited facilities the result was long queues, substandard reports with most of the patients ending up in private sectors thus
adding up more, to their economical deprivation. To break up this vicious cycle and make a positive difference we started work under the umbrella of
Patients Aid foundation till August 2000 when RAF was founded. Onwards, we started independently with the aim to provide standard basic x-ray/ultrasound
and advanced radiological facilities like Color Doppler, Echocardiography, Endoscopic ultrasound, CT, MRI, Angiography etc.

Careful planning, team work, help from philanthropists and volunteer workers resulted in realization of on-paper planning into a reality. In the year 2009
total 3,32,909 patients were examined in the department of radiology out of which 180,000 patients were entertained at the department of radiology with
the help of the equipment and staff provided by RAF.

Today (2010) Radiology Aid Foundation comprises of a team of 68 God-fearing, dedicated doctors, amongst whom 06 are consultant radiologists,
25 technicians and other staff members looking after their respective responsibilities.

Registered with Directorate of Social Welfare under registration No: DSW1767-K2000 and exempted from deducting
income tax US.2(36)(C) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 read with Rule 212 of the Income Tax Rules 2002 vide letter No.
Jud-I/CIT(Legal)/2008/654 dated 18-09-2008.